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hallway, porch, hall, vestibule, corridor, foyer, doorway, urge, request, push, persuade, solicit, press, promote, sway, politick, passageway, gateway, passage, antechamber. Examples from the Web for lobby. Contemporary Examples of lobby. There was an air of excitement and anticipation in the lobby as showtime approached.
Lobby Cafe and Bar at Will Rogers Theatre.
The Lobby at Rosewood London London Lobby Restaurant.
HOI AN, VIETNAM. Whether for business or pleasure, for a few minutes or a few hours, the ever-energetic Lobby is an accommodating destination for guests meeting up with a colleague, catching up with a friend or tucking into a good book.
Lobby Wikipedia.
Lobby band, a Slovak Eurodance band. The Lobby, UK parliamentary journalists receiving privileged political access in exchange for sourcing anonymity. Lobby Hero, a play by Kenneth Lonergan. Hotel Lobby, an oil painting on canvas by American realist painter Edward Hopper.
LOBBY meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
a large, open space just inside the main entrance of a public building such as a hotel, office building, or theater.: As you enter the lobby, youll see the elevators on your right. lobby noun C PERSUADE. politics government a group of people who represent a particular industry or interest in dealing with a politician, official, etc.: the environmental lobby. lobby verb I/T. us / lbi /. lobby verb I/T PERSUADE. politics government to try to persuade an elected official to take a particular action or change a law.: T Council members have been lobbying colleagues on how to vote.
Lobby Productions.
lobby Origin and meaning of lobby by Online Etymology Dictionary.
Meaning large" entrance hall in a public building" is from 1590s; in reference to the House of Commons from 1630s. Political sense of those" who seek to influence legislation" is attested by 1790s in American English, in reference to the custom of influence-seekers gathering in the large entrance-halls outside legislative chambers. seek" to influence legislation" originally by frequenting the lobby of a legislature, to solicit members, 1826, American English, from lobby n.
lobby Dictionary Definition:
The idea of the political" lobby group" came from the large entrance halls of the legislature, where people hung around trying to influence the lawmakers. So the next time your class tries to lobby your teacher for extra credit, he can thank the halls of congress.
LOBBY Lobby Free Listening on SoundCloud.
Violence In Your Eyes Solange Endormie RCDS by LOBBY. published on 2018/11/26 212224: 0000 Collapse by LOBBY. published on 2018/02/09 120931: 0000 Silly Thoughts by LOBBY. published on 2018/02/09 120419: 0000 Upside Down by LOBBY. published on 2018/02/09 120307: 0000.

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