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Use lobby in a sentence. The lobby in an office building. The definition of a lobby is a central hall at the entrance to a building or a large waiting room. An example of a lobby is the reception area in a large business office.
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Scutt has been working on the redesign of the interior lobby for some months, but has just officially been hired to also redesign the building's' sunken plaza, an urban" design blunder" that was born out of the old plaza bonus zoning.
Waste industry to lobby over EU recycling definition
25 January 2017 by Will Date Waste industry to lobby over EU recycling definition. Europes waste management companies will step up efforts to pursue a change to the wording of proposed definitions of recycling in EU legislation, following a vote on new waste legislation by MEPs yesterday 24 January.
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Lobby is a group of like-minded people banded together to influence an authoritative body, or, as a verb, to exert that influence i.e, to" lobby. A lobby is typically formed to influence government officials to act in a way that is beneficial to the lobby's' best interests, either through favorable legislation or by blocking unfavorable measures. Lobby groups consist of individuals, groups and companies and can be particularly active and well-funded by certain industries.
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v a request for a meeting, a request for the status of an action, or any other similar administrative request, if the request does not include an attempt to influence a covered executive branch official or a covered legislative branch official.;
501c3 Guide for Organizations: Advocacy and Lobbying Without Fear.
In understanding some of the aforementioned distinctions, you may determine that your organization does need to lobby or that some of its advocacy activities may begin to meet the lobbying definitions. While it is true that the actual boundaries can, at times, only be ascertained through an in-depth knowledge of the code sections, regulations, revenue rulings and case law, this should not discourage you from pursuing your efforts. You simply need to be aware of the options available under the current law and have available to the organization professional counsel to address any specific nuances that may arise. First, there is the traditional test under which no substantial part of the organizations activities can consist of lobbying. Unfortunately, there is no specific definition by the IRS of what is substantial, therefore, the amount of lobbying activity allowed to a given organization may ultimately depend on the extent and nature of its other activities.
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In British English, you can also use a plural verb: The business lobby have warned the government against raising taxes. 4 PP PERSUADE an attempt to persuade a government to change a law, make a new law etc a mass lobby of Parliament by womens organizations Examples from the Corpus lobby Both classes shared a lobby which had racks on two levels for coats. Perhaps it is time to recognise that the country-sport vote and lobby should also be taken seriously. It is a textbook case of how effectively corporate lobbies work in Brussels, not just Washington. In his lobby the building management had set up a television screen so that the doorman could watch for criminals.
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