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Use lobby in a sentence. The lobby in an office building. The definition of a lobby is a central hall at the entrance to a building or a large waiting room. An example of a lobby is the reception area in a large business office.
Lobby Definition for English-Language Learners from Merriam-Webster's' Learner's' Dictionary.
more examples hide examples Example sentences Hide examples. / lbijst/ noun, plural lobbyists count. She was hired as a lobbyist for an oil company. more examples hide examples Example sentences Hide examples. What made you want to look up lobby?
Lobby is a group of like-minded people banded together to influence an authoritative body, or, as a verb, to exert that influence i.e, to" lobby. A lobby is typically formed to influence government officials to act in a way that is beneficial to the lobby's' best interests, either through favorable legislation or by blocking unfavorable measures. Lobby groups consist of individuals, groups and companies and can be particularly active and well-funded by certain industries.
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Back to Top. Practical English Usage. English American English Academic English Collocations Practical English Usage German-English English-German. Definition of lobby verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner's' Dictionary. BrE BrE / / lbi / /.; NAmE NAmE / / lbi / /.
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154555; Medieval Latin lobia, laubia covered way Old High German laubia later lauba arbor, derivative of laub leaf. OTHER WORDS FROM lobby. lobbyer, noun unlobbied, adjective unlobbying, adjective. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, Random House, Inc. Examples from the Web for lobbying. Lemkin died penniless at a bus stop in 1959, on his way to another day lobbying at the United Nations. The Man Who Invented the Word Genocide Nina Strochlic November 19, 2014 DAILY BEAST. E.g, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent 136.3 million lobbying in 2012 and 74.7 million in 2013. Up to a Point: In Defense of Lobbyists P. ORourke October 25, 2014 DAILY BEAST. I opined about lobbying smart clients hiring smart guys who use smart tactics to get smart with the government.
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When she comes to see me, I will advise her that partisan politics in a lobby group such as Federated Farmers is not a very good idea. It's' always been thus as the various vested interests, lobby groups and politicians seek to have their view of the world represented in the budget for the coming year.
Guide to the Lobbying Disclosure Act.
W is also identified as new, and Firm A would disclose if W occupied a covered position within the last twenty years. Z is not listed on the quarterly activity report LD-2 filed for Client B for the JanuaryMarch quarterly period, but because of the current expectation that he will lobby during the AprilJune quarterly period, his name is not delisted as a lobbyist for B. In the case of a registrant organization with in-house lobbyists, which also engages the services of an outside lobbying firm, the names of outside retained lobbyists are not listed on the organizations registration or quarterly activity reports. However, the registrants expenses for such an outside lobbying firm must be part of the registrants lobbying expense calculations and disclosure. The outside lobbying firm would file its own report pursuant to the LDA, listing the names of its lobbyists, as appropriate. New lobbyists must be disclosed in the appropriate General Issue Area for the reporting period in which the individual first meets the definition of lobbyist.

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