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Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Contraception Ruling: What Women Should Know Time. Close. Paywall-Icons-Devices. Paywall-Icons-Newsletter. Paywall-Icons-DigitalMagazine.
Non-profit organizations with religious affiliations, like Catholic colleges and hospitals, have to inform the insurer if they object to contraceptives, and the insurer is then responsible for figuring out a way to guarantee contraceptive coverage for the workers without the company using its premiums to pay for it. The privately-owned corporation Hobby Lobby, an Oklahoma-based craft store with self-described Christian values, argued that they too should not have to cover certain emergency contraception because of their religious beliefs.
Hobby Lobby Wins Contraceptive Ruling in Supreme Court ABC News.
The decision is a victory for the Green family that owns Hobby Lobby, an arts and crafts chain, and the Hahns who own Conestoga, a cabinet making company, who had challenged the so called contraceptive mandate saying it forced them to either violate their faith or pay ruinous fines.
Infographic: The Ripple Effect of the Hobby Lobby Decision Center for American Progress.
Supreme Court issued a controversial, split decision in Burwell v. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. on June 30, 2014, that allowed the owners of closely held for-profit corporations to exclude certain types of health care services and productsin this case, contraceptive counseling and methodsfrom their employees health insurance plans.
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The Hobby Lobby decision and the future of religious liberty rights Pew Research Center.
Since the nonprofits contend that their religious liberty rights are burdened even with the opt-out alternative, todays decision does not necessarily mean that the justices would find it sufficient for these nonprofits, even if Hobby Lobby and other businesses are amendable to using it.
Hobby Lobby Bought More Smuggled Artifacts.
Prosecutors, however, pointed out that Hobby Lobby had proceeded with the 2010 purchase despite flagrant red flags including a warning from an expert who told them the types of pieces they eventually bought were likely to be from Iraq and at risk of having been looted or smuggled.
The Little-Known Force Behind the Hobby Lobby Contraception Case The American Prospect.
At the heart of the Hobby Lobby case are the craft store's' owners, the Greens, a multigenerational family of evangelical Christians. On the plaintiffs website-a glossy scrolling page where supporters are encouraged to donate" a tweet" to the Greens cause-their story unfolds in a video.
Hobby Lobby Agrees to Forfeit 5500, Artifacts Smuggled Out of Iraq The New York Times.
In addition to the complaint, the prosecutors on Wednesday filed a stipulation of settlement with Hobby Lobby that requires the company to return all of the pieces, and to forfeit to the government an additional 3 million, resolving the civil action.
Oxford Professor Accused of Stealing Ancient Texts and Selling Them to Hobby Lobby Artsy News. Artsy. Search. Search. Menu. Artsy. Artsy. WeChat. Twitter. Facebook. Instagram.
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