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Singular y plural de la palabra.
lobby_1 noun Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage notes Oxford Advanced Learner's' Dictionary at
3 countable singular or plural verb a group of people who try to influence politicians on a particular issue synonym pressure group The gun lobby is/are against any change in the law. Oxford Collocations Dictionary adjective powerful, strong, anti-abortion, verb lobby form, organize lobby noun group, organization preposition lobby against, lobby for See full entry.
Reference: Interdisciplinary Perspectives Professor of Linguistics Jeanette K Gundel, Nancy Hedberg, Professor of Linguistics Nancy Hedberg Google Books.
algorithm Almor analysis anaphoric expression animacy antecedent argue assignment Centering Theory Cf list claims clause clitic Cognitive Science coherence Computational Linguistics conjunction cost considered constraints context coreference corpus deferred equatives deferred reference definite descriptions deixis demonstrative pronouns determine dialogue discourse segment discuss Doberman pinscher effect encoded entities example fact factors focus focused forward-looking centers function Grosz Gundel ham sandwich hearer identify implicature individual instantiation intended Jeanette K John language meaning mentioned Millianism noun phrase null number-indifferent number-sensitive Nunberg object Pad Thai Passonneau personal pronouns plural Poesio pragmatic predicted processing pronominal reference pronoun interpretation pronoun resolution pronouns in subject proper names psycholinguistic ranking realized referential referring expressions relation Russells salient Sanford segment boundaries semantic sentence shift Sidner singular pronoun singular proposition singular terms Strube structure subject position suggest syntactic thematic thematic roles tion topic transfer transitions uniqueness.
Lobbies definition and meaning Collins English Dictionary.
Curzon, Clare THE QUEST FOR K 2003 Plus all the health freaks and the libertarians and the environmentalists and the food lobbies and the farming interest. Edward Docx THE CALLIGRAPHER 2003 Yet the various interested lobbies were equally sensitive on the issue.
Quin és el plural de ninja? I de lobby? I de play-off? TERMCAT. Twitter. Facebook. Youtube. Slideshare. Tagpacker. Comparteix mitjançantFacebook. Comparteix mitjançantTwitter. Comparteix mitjançantWhatsapp. Comparteix mitjançantEmail. Twitter. Facebook. Y
I de lobby? I de play-off? Els plurals adequats daquests termes en català són ninges, lobbys i play-offs, respectivament. El criteri general per a la formació del plural en els manlleus és que un manlleu introduït dins el sistema lingüístic del català sol fer la flexió del plural seguint les normes morfològiques daquesta llengua, és a dir, adjuntant-hi la marca flexional s o les variants es o os, segons el cas, i aplicant-hi les modificacions gràfiques que comporta la formació del plural.
Lobbies dictionary definition lobbies defined.
plural form of lobby. Available under CC-BY-SA license. Link to this page. Cite this page. Retrieved from https// Sentences Sentence examples. See in a sentence. 4 Pics 1 Word Answers. Word Cookies Cheat. Words With Friends Cheat. DEFINITIONS SENTENCES QUOTES.
RAE on Twitter: @RuvnJS" RAEconsultas Puesto que se trata de un extranjerismo crudo no adaptado, debe usarse el plural inglés: lobbies en cursiva."
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Declension Lobby lobby All forms, plural, rules, voice output.
Summary of all declension forms of the noun Lobby in all cases. The declension of Lobby as a table with all forms in singular singular and plural plural and in all four cases nominative 1st case, genitive 2nd case, dative 3rd case and accusative 4th case.
lobbies Simple English Wiktionary.
Jump to navigation Jump to search. The plural form of lobby; more than one lobby. The third-person singular form of lobby. Retrieved from" https// Third-person singular forms. Not logged in. Show any entry. Give to Wiktionary. Create a book. Download as PDF.

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