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lobby Dictionary Definition:
plural any group of human beings men or women or children collectively. n a group of people who try actively to influence legislation. pressure group, third house Types.: NRA, National Rifle Association. a powerful lobby that advocates the right to own and bear arms and rejects any gun regulation by the government.
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Suggest new translation/definition. lobbies plural 3rd person present lobbying present participle lobbied past tense past participle. 1 verb If you lobby someone such as a member of a government or council, you try to persuade them that a particular law should be changed or that a particular thing should be done.
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Jump to navigation Jump to search. The plural form of lobby; more than one kind of lobby. The third-person singular form of lobby. Retrieved from" https// Third-person singular forms. Not logged in. Show any entry. Give to Wiktionary. What links here.
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SEE SYNONYMS FOR lobby ON THESAURUS.COM. noun, plural lobbies. an entrance hall, corridor, or vestibule, as in a public building, often serving as an anteroom; foyer. a large public room or hall adjacent to a legislative chamber. a group of persons who work or conduct a campaign to influence members of a legislature to vote according to the group's' special interest.
Asbestos Lawyers and Support Groups Lobby MPs for Plural Plaques Compensation.
0370 1500 100 Or request a call back. Asbestos Lawyers and Support Groups Lobby MPs for Plural Plaques Compensation. Asbestos Lawyers and Support Groups Lobby MPs for Plural Plaques Compensation. 04.02.2008 Fight continues for Pleural Plaques sufferers right to compensation.
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a room at the main entrance of a building. a hotel lobby un atrio di albergo. Translation of lobby from the Cambridge English-Italian Dictionary Cambridge University Press. Translation of lobby PASSWORD English-Italian Dictionary. / lobi /. a small entrance-hall. a hotel lobby.
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Lobbies dictionary definition lobbies defined.
plural form of lobby. Available under CC-BY-SA license. Link to this page. Cite this page. Retrieved from https// Sentences Sentence examples. See in a sentence. 4 Pics 1 Word Answers. Word Cookies Cheat. Words With Friends Cheat. DEFINITIONS SENTENCES QUOTES.
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In British English, you can also use a plural verb: The business lobby have warned the government against raising taxes. 4 PP PERSUADE an attempt to persuade a government to change a law, make a new law etc a mass lobby of Parliament by womens organizations Examples from the Corpus lobby Both classes shared a lobby which had racks on two levels for coats. Perhaps it is time to recognise that the country-sport vote and lobby should also be taken seriously. It is a textbook case of how effectively corporate lobbies work in Brussels, not just Washington. In his lobby the building management had set up a television screen so that the doorman could watch for criminals.

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