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Hobby Lobby's' secret agenda: How it's' quietly funding a vast right-wing movement
The form, viewable here, shows a total of nearly 65 million in contributions coming from a combination of Jon Cargill, who is the CFO of Hobby Lobby, and Craft Etc, an apparent misspelling of Crafts Etc, a Hobby Lobby affiliate company.
5 things to know about Hobby Lobbys owners The Seattle Times.
Hobby Lobby says it aims to honor the Lord by following biblical principles; establish a work environment that builds character, strengthens individuals and nurtures families and provides a return on its owners investment so he can share the Lords blessings with its 13000, employees.
Hobby Lobby: Who is David Green? 9 facts telling you everything you need to know about the evangelical entrepreneur The Independent. Home. Home. Social/Facebook. Social/Twitter. Shape.
News World Americas Hobby Lobby: Who is David Green? 9 facts telling you everything you need to know about the evangelical entrepreneur. The billionaires Hobby Lobby business has just won a landmark ruling against Obamacare in the US Supreme Court.
Were All Living in Hobby Lobbys Bible Nation The New Republic.
At Hobby Lobby you can buy a Jesus cross-stitch kit or a poster that reads This Girl Runs On Cupcakes and Jesus alongside beads and quilting fabric; it is the store of choice for Americas church ladies, and it has, in turn, made its owners billionaires.
What Makes Hobby Lobby A Christian Company? Hint: It's' Not A Greed Or A Misogyny Thing.
It's' a conscience thing. The court agreed, found in favor of Hobby Lobby, saved the company from being fined out of existence, and established a precedent which allowed freedom of conscience on this issue for the rest of American businesses.
Working at Hobby Lobby: 3836, Reviews
Stocker Former Employee Fort Collins, CO January 13, 2020. Very good company. I liked working with the hobby lobby employees. I was seasonal so I was let go but of I could I would go back to work for them.

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