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What this apple-picking robot means for the future of farm workers PBS NewsHour.
The private sector has been looking to mechanize fruit picking for years. Unlike other kinds of harvesting, fruit picking requires the type of precision only capable by human eyes and hands. You cant just chop down the plant, like wheat, and scoop up whats there.
Agrobot Strawberry Harvester YouTube.
Dates palm Harvesting by Shaking Machine Packing Dates Modern Agricultural Technology 2017 Duration: 942. Noal Farm 2186172, views. Chopping 20 rows of corn with Kemper Duration: 834. Landbouwfilmpjes 12110944, views. Awesome flower machine new heavy technology machine best agricultural farming Duration: 619.
Robotic apple picker trials continue in Washington YouTube.
A vacuum picker under development by Abundant Robotics of Menlo Park, California, has the apple industry closer than its ever been to fully automating harvest a potential game changer for growers and the industry at large. Abundant co-founders Dan Steere and Curt Salisbury talk about the latest trials during a demonstration in a Central Washington orchard in 2016. TJ Mullinax/Good Fruit Grower.
Vision system simplifies robotic fruit picking Vision Systems Design.
At the moment the picking machine picks an apple every 8 s but this will be reduced to 6 or 5 s after the pick season in 2007. The designers believe that this time span can be lowered to about 5 s, chiefly by reducing the communication bottleneck between the vision system and the central controller unit. The designers are also planning to better the automation of the navigation through the orchard and to make the device suitable for picking other fruit, such as pears.
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Surprise yourself by its control and unprecedented performance in all conditions.Take the opportunity to optimize your resources. Get the efficiency and stability you were expecting. Be the star in the technological revolution. Need to Know: Robots down on the farm March 20, 2014.
Apple-Picking Robot Prepares to Compete for Farm Jobs MIT Technology Review.
Hes been working on an alternative approach where a machine carefully shakes apples off the tree by grabbing branches this approach is already used for some apples destined for juicing, which dont need to be handled so gently. Abundants competition also includes Israeli startup FFRobotics, which says it will test a prototype that plucks fruit with a three-fingered gripper in Washington this fall. Are there downsides if robots take over fruit picking?

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