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This site is a joint project by Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl, which allows you to search, sort, filter, and analyse official data from the EU Transparency Register so journalists, activists, researchers, and the interested public can track lobbyists and their influence at the EU level over time. Who are the biggest lobby spenders? How do corporate and public interest lobbying compare?
Local and state governments lobby the feds much more than you might think USAPP.
As Frank Baumgartner and Beth Leech point out, it is difficult to determine interest group impact, and that is some of the reason it is difficult to measure just how effective state and local government lobbyists are. But it is also because the most significant players are the associations of public officials, but they typically dont show up in lobbying reports, so it is difficult to track how much they spend. If the governor of Pennsylvania establishes an office in Washington but hires a consulting firm to work solely for the state, and that consultant lobbies, then that consultant must register as a lobbyist for the state of Pennsylvania, and the states lobbying activities will appear in the database of congressional lobbying registrations. But if the governor of Pennsylvania establishes an office in Washington and sends three state employees to work in that office, these employees are not considered lobbyists under the Federal Lobbying Act even if they gather information, write letters, make calls, and have meetings to advance a political agenda in Congress.
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Rob Nabors, the director of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the former White House director of legislative affairs during the Obama administration, told The Hill that the Gates Policy Initiative would work in a bipartisan way. He also said it would avoid political giving or statements that support political candidates. Instead, it will focus on lobbying efforts and legislative outcomes. Read more: I spent an uplifting day at the Bill Melinda Gates Foundation and discovered what it's' really like to work there. Although the Gates Policy Initiative is independent from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, it focuses on some of the same issues.
PepsiCo leaves plastics lobby group after green campaign pressure.
PepsiCo leaves plastics lobby group after green campaign pressure. 31 July 2019, source edie newsroom. PepsiCo has announced its exit from the PLASTICS Industry Association a trade lobby group with pro-plastics sentiments. Greenpeace US announced the news earlier this week, stating that PepsiCos decision was influenced by its BreakFreeFromPlastic campaign.
ALTER-EU Europe's' campaign for lobbying transparency.
David Camerons promise to clean up lobbying wasnt worth a hill of beans. Complaint regarding the Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. entry in the lobby register by LobbyControl, Corporate Europe Observatory and Friends of the Earth Europe. MEPs write to Juncker about commissioners and the revolving door. 1 of 8. Sign up for action alerts. To prevent automated spam submissions leave this field empty. Leave this field blank. Mundo B, Rue d'Edimbourg' 26, B-1050 Brussels. E-mail: info at alter-eu.org. Who we are. What is the problem.
The numbers behind Ilhan Omar's' All about the Benamins AIPAC tweet Quartz.
The Adelsons also fund the Israeli American Council IAC, a group with 20 chapters around the US that Sheldon Adelson described as a hardline alternative to AIPAC in November 2017. IAC will unequivocally always without question and irreversibly support Israel when it needed it, he said. There will be no political correctness. There will be no questions about whether we should keep the door to the White House open to us. Miriam, a doctor who runs drug-treatment clinics in Las Vegas and Israel, is believed to be a key influence on Trumps decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a move that most American Jews didnt support. Injecting Israeli Jewish sensibilities into the American Jewish body politic is what drives a lot of what the Adelsons fund, the Times of Israel wrote last year.
Lobbying Politics The Guardian.
The sports rorts remind us politics is a game of mates. We need an independent umpire. The transparency project Christopher Pyne formally warned he is banned from lobbying for defence contractor. Exclusive: Attorney-Generals Department reminds former ministers firm he is not allowed to lobby for 18 months.
Here are Ireland's' most active business lobbyists Fora.
Other active groups included the Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies an umbrella group for Irelands accountancy profession which submitted 115 returns, and Retail Excellence, whose designated CEO is ex-Labour senator Lorraine Higgins, with 101 returns. Under the Regulation of Lobbying Act 2015, lobbyists must provide details of the politicians and State officials they have engaged with during a certain period of time and on what issues.
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