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Cultural definitions for lobby. A group whose members share certain goals and work to bring about the passage, modification, or defeat of laws that affect these goals. Lobbies also called interest groups or pressure groups can be long-standing such as minority groups struggling to have their civil rights guaranteed or ad hoc such as a community threatened by proposed construction of a nuclear power plant. Lobbies may use grassroots methods, such as local rallies and campaigns, to build support for their cause and often employ professional lobbyists, who testify before congressional committees and approach policymakers in all government branches. Powerful lobbies, such as the AFL-CIO and the American Legion, with millions of members, have succeeded in establishing influence in Washington, D.C. The New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition Copyright 2005 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved. WORD OF THE DAY. penumbral adjective pi nuhm br uh l SEE DEFINITION. Others Are Reading. The Most Surprisingly Serendipitous Words Of The Day. Has: When To Use Each One. What Do a.m.
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Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Translations of lobby. in Chinese Traditional., in Chinese Simplified., vestíbulo, vestíbulo masculine, singular. saguão, lobby, vestíbulo. in more languages. lobi, giri, ikna grubu. faire pression, hall, groupe de pression. hala, vestibul, nátlaková skupina. lobby, drive lobbyvirksomhed. hành lang, nhóm ngi vn ng, vn ng hành lang. hall, lobby, grupa nacisku. lobi, kumpulan pelobi, melobi. die Vorhalle, die Lobby, beeinflussen. drive lobbyvirksomhet, legge press på, vestibyle. hall, atrio, ingresso. Need a translator? Get a quick, free translation! What is the pronunciation of lobby? Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. Try a quiz now. More meanings of lobby. See all meanings. Word of the Day. a mouth to feed. someone, especially a new baby, who you must provide food for.
Aye and No Lobbies Content and Not Content Lobbies UK Parliament. Search icon.
The lobby to the right of each Chamber from the perspective of the occupant of the Chair or the Woolsack is always used for those voting in favour; the lobby to the left for those voting against. About Parliament: Divisions.
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The lobby-tomy 2: What was the lobbying about? Bits of Freedom.
For example, many parties want to be able to explain the word explicit for consent to their own advantage. Thats not surprising, because the law prescribes that processing certain types of data requires explicit consent. In an email to the permanent representation, Tele2 states that they think consent doesnt need a positive action or a statement in other words: simply surfing onwards on a website would be considered consent for well, you can or, rather, you would have to, guess. To be continued. Want to continue reading about this? On the Bits of Freedom website, you can find all the lobby documents and the analysis.
Interest Groups in American Politics: Pressure and Power Anthony J. Nownes Google Books.
AARP abortion accessed December accessed January advertisements affect American politics and/or Barack Obama barriers to interest Baumgartner bureaucrats business firms campaign finance campaign money Chapter chief executive Cigler and Burdett citizen groups Club for Growth Coalition Committee contribute money death penalty Democratic direct mail electoral lobbying engage example Exxon Mobil FECA Federal Election Commission federal government federal PACs formation and survival government decision-makers government decisions group representation he/she important indirect lobbying individuals institutions interest group formation Interest Group Politics interest group proliferation interest groups lobby issues labor unions laws legislators lobbying firms lobbying techniques lobbyists lots National National Rifle Association Nownes ofthe ordinary citizens organizations overcome the barriers PACs percent Planned Parenthood policy analytical information political activity political parties political scientist president regulations represented by interest Republican Senate spend subgovernment television things trade associations types of interest United websites.
Parliamentary Debates New Zealand. Parliament. House of Representatives Google Books.
agreed Agriculture allowed amendment answer application asked Association Auckland authority believe Bill Board cent charges clause Commission committee companies concerned considered continue Corporation cost deal debate Department discussion economic Education election employment Energy fact figures Finance give given Government's' growth honourable member House important included increase industry interest introduced involved Island issue Labour Government Labour Party land Leader legislation major Maori March matter million Minister months move National Government operations Opposition Parliament past person plant political position possible present problem production programme proposed question Railways reason received referred relating replied result scheme smelter Social Society SPEAKER Standing suggest taken United vote Wellington YOUNG Zealand. Parliamentary Debates, Volume 441. House of Representatives. the University of California. 6 Apr 2010. BiBTeX EndNote RefMan. About Google Books Privacy Policy Terms of Service Information for Publishers Report an issue Help Google Home.
The Truth About the Vegan Lobby The New Republic. TNR_brand monogram_black. The New Republic. TNR_brand wordmark_black. TNR_brand monogram_black. The New Republic. The New Republic. The New Republic.
So, given that vegan interests have so little influence on Capitol Hill, why has Congressman King been blaming the vegan lobby for egg regulations for the last five years? His office didnt return a request for comment, but Nemeth has an idea. Its like calling someone a liberal, he said. The vegan lobby is a trigger word to get people excited and riled up.
Macquarie Dictionary.
I am disappointed that, when I visit the old home now, the local children go catching yabbies instead! noun plural crayfishes; crayfish an Australian freshwater crustacean of the genus Cherax. Compare clawchie, crawchie, craydab, jilgie, lobby, lobster, marron, yabby. Contributor's' comments: Also called a crawchie" at Ilfracombe Qld 1950's, possibly still. Contributor's' comments: Crayfish is called a craw bob near Tamworth, NSW. Contributor's' comments: Used in WA for saltwater lobsters. noun another spelling for jilgie, an Australian freshwater crayfish, of the genus Cherax. Compare clawchie, crawchie, craydab, crayfish, lobby, lobster, marron, yabby. Contributor's' comments: When we were kids around Goulburn NSW in the 50s we called them craybobs, not included in your list of synonyms for gilgie but similar to craydab. Contributor's' comments: There are 4 types of freshwater crayfish in WA: Marron, Gilgies, Koonacks and Yabbies. They are all distinct species. Contributor's' comments: I was always under the impression that yabbies the word I use, jilgies and koonaks were the same thing.

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